LED backlit frames to size

Visibility is one of the pillars of effective advertising. The key to ensuring this can be adequate lighting. Our products allow you to create marketing messages that will not escape any passer-by. We mainly offer dimension-backlit frames that can be adjusted to the prepared image. Both the dimension, including the width, thickness and length of the product, and the color of the lighting are a matter to be agreed upon. We also recommend backlit display cases, which also use energy-saving LED technology. Showcases are great for exposition of various types of outdoor advertising campaigns. Ou

r illuminated LED frames come in three possible variants. All types are available in one or two-sided versions. OWZ technology (open – insert – close) greatly facilitates installation through functional latches that allow multiple and trouble-free exchange of the presented image. In magnetic products, the graphics are placed under a magnetically mounted front plate, which minimizes the edge of the border. Crystalline technology guarantees the highest degree of transparency thanks to the use of acrylic gla

ss. Our products are available in several standard dimensions of front strip width and frame height, other parameters are adapted to the customer's needs.