About us

AllForMedia specializes in the production, implementation, promotion and development of professional products, digital solutions, technical innovations, lighting, signage, high-resolution displays, based on LED technology.

Our products have been recognized among the most demanding customers in the field of Digital Signage, ATL, operating unconventionally, and BTL, advertising activities aimed at a specific customer.

We produce

We are a manufacturer of energy-saving LED panels, LED backlit frames and super thin Light Boxes. Our products are made to size, to order according to customer preferences. Our articles are widely used in the decoration and lighting of stylish, modern places. They are used to transmit advertising and informational content.

Our services are therefore used by a wide range of diverse audiences: hotels, museums, car dealerships, shopping centers, outlets, service chains, furniture manufacturers, display manufacturers, night clubs, architects, interior planers.


We rent

We offer you the service of renting functional and technologically advanced dance floors and LED curtains. Our offer is addressed to the organizers of all kinds of events, such as: weddings, christenings, anniversies, private parties, fashion shows, exhibitions, events. Renting parquet thanks to its relatively low cost to the purchase price is an extremely attractive alternative for many customers using this solution.


By choosing AllForMedia as a business partner, you will receive an innovative and individually tailored solution, which is supported by experienced specialists. Our highest duty is to provide you with our services from the moment of personalization of the offer, the choice of the product, to the moment of its delivery and launch.

Our strategy

We are a leader in the implementation, promotion and development of professional products based on LED technology. Caring for the continuous improvement of our services and deepening relations with customers, we change and modernize the surrounding space. Our task is to build a good reputation in the field of offered technologies, expand the base of key customers and introduce newer, more creative solutions to the Polish and foreign market.

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