LED technology allows you to create visually interesting lighting. The products available from us can be used for both decoration, lighting of residential interiors and company premises. We offer LED frames, backlight technologies, thanks to which you will be able to highlight images, sites or suspended ceilings. We also make LED panels to size and various types of posters and billboards. Thanks to cooperation with us, you can create unique decorations and advertisements.

LED Lighting Panel - customized sizes

Lighting is a key element in creating a climatic interior. Our LED panels are adapted to size, thickness and color according to individual orders. Energy-efficient technology is budget-friendly, which is why it is becoming an increasingly common choice of companies from different industries. In addition, LEDs emit light that does not strain the eyes.

LED Glass Floor

It is difficult to imagine a successful dance party without a good dance floor. Our glass floors are not only practical, but, thanks to the LED backlight, also an impressive solution. They can be successfully used at special events, to decorate rooms in private houses and hotels, restaurants and nightclubs.


The light technologies we use can change any space. If you want to create a unique atmosphere on the occasion of a wedding, jubilee or other special event, we encourage you to take advantage of our offer. We offer the rental of dance floor or specialized LED displays – Cloud Display 3D. Our solutions can also be successfully used at various events and during advertising campaigns.

All For Media – LED light advertising

AllForMedia is a manufacturer of energy-saving digital solutions and technical innovations using LED technology. Our offer is to business owners looking for non-standard ways to promote their business.

Backlit graphics are an excellent and modern solution, both for presenting products and transmitting advertising content. Our offer includes LED panels and frames, available in many variants, which can be selected according to the characteristics of the activity. In addition, at the special request of customers, we enable the execution of products to size, which will allow to gain a guarantee of satisfaction.

LED backlights can be used in any industry. Our services are used by hotels, museums, car dealerships, sales points, shopping centers, service chains, furniture manufacturers, manufacturers of advertising displays, night clubs, architects, interior decorators, as well as modern vessels and yachts.

The products we offer will also work well as a decorative element of modern interiors. Especially recommended products for living quarters, decorated according to the latest trends, are LED-backlit floors, perfectly presented in minimalist bathrooms. We also recommend glass-lit graphics, ideal for designer living rooms or bedrooms.

AllForMedia helps you choose an LED solution that best suits your individual needs. Our products are prepared with the utmost care, which allows us to provide satisfactory solutions.

We integrate business integrity and ethics in all aspects of our operation. We want to build lasting relationships with our customers, which allows us to constantly improve LED technology. We believe in development through creativity, inventiveness and innovation. By choosing AllForMedia as a business partner, you will surely receive the original solution, supported by experienced specialists. We are not afraid of challenges, so we undertake every, even non-standard order.




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